Christianson Pipe offers a number of pipe and piling supplies including Steel Pipe, Concrete Pile, HSS, and H Pile.

Steel Pipe: We provide a wide range of commercial and prime steel pipe (A252GR3) in measurements from 2 3/8” OD up to 72” outside diameter.

Concrete Pile: Because it can be used in a number of soil conditions and has a high load capacity, we also carry concrete pile. Also available in a number of sizes.

Sheet Pile: Used in water work projects or where the foundation is unstable, sheet pile provides a flexibility while still maintaining a strong infrastructure. Contact us for sizes.

H Pile: Because of it’s large surface area and unique chemical makeup, H Pile is versatile for any project but especially ideal for friction piling.

Cattle Guards: We offer the fabrication, sales and installation of Cattle Guards (also known as Texas Gates) for various industries including farming, mining and oil exploration.

Steel Plates: We provide helical steel piles - A36 / 44W.



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